Without a doubt, garbage sucks, especially when waste food materials block your plumbing system.

That’s why garbage disposal units for the kitchen sink, are a must-have in homes. The waste disposal units grind food materials into small pieces that pass through the plumbing system without causing blockage and those rotten garbage foul smells.

Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

Not only do garbage disposal units prevent blockage, but also keeps bacteria from building up in your kitchen sink. Because of their multiple benefits in homes, most people are on the lookout for the best garbage disposal units.

But here is the catch. There are different types of garbage disposals in the market. Some of the low-cost builders install kitchen sink disposal units that run out, after a few years.

The best choice for homeowners is the continuous and batch feed garbage disposal units. A continuous feed garbage disposal system allows users to add waste while it is grinding garbage continuously. The batch feed garbage disposal system functions in the same way only that it uses a special stopper to turn it on. Parents prefer the later since because it is safer when you have kids at home.

Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

1. InSinkErator Badger 5 ½ HP Review- Our top choice

The InSinkErator incorporates superior food disposal features, with each feature designed to solve a particular need. One of the unique features of this garbage disposal unit is its precise cutting and grinding instruments that resist rusting when in humid conditions. No need to keep the equipment dry because the blades will not rust.

Whether you need the food waste disposer for a single family or multiple occasions, the unit will not disappoint you. It is simply one of the best garbage disposal units in the market.

InSinkErator Grind Technology

Unlike other disposers whereby you will find it rough to grind foods, this model uses grind technology to liquefy food wastes virtually. Such wastes safely flow into the sewage system without causing a blockage.

Size and weight

Worried about the garbage disposer taking all the space? The InSinkErator Badger 5½ HP food waste disposer is perfect in all angles. The unit weighs just 13.6 pounds with a dimension of 7 x 7 x 13 inches. It is installed with ease even in kitchens with a shortage of space.

Quick Installation

The galvanized steel construction and quick lock sink mount ease the unit’s installation. You only need to twist off the old disposer and twist on the new InSinkErator Badger 5. The quick lock allows you to replace any InSinkErator branded garbage disposal.

Durability of the InSinkErator Badger 5

Greater power capacity, low noise levels, and energy efficiency add to the durability of this equipment. Also, the unit comes with a full 2-year parts and in-home service warranty. This warranty includes free house calls (for parts and labor) throughout the warranty period.

Do’s and Don’ts.

Just to avoid trouble, only use cold water to operate your disposer. Also, never pour grease or fats into the disposer. You can grind citrus fruit peels as a way of keeping your disposer fresh.

Included in the Box

  • Quick lock sink mount.
  • Jam-Buster wrench.
  • Tailpipe.
  • Tailpipe Gasket.
  • Stopper.
  • Installation instructions.


  • Reasonable price for such an amazing disposer.
  • Easy installation.
  • Grind technology that grinds the food wastes to an almost liquefied waste.


  • If not properly installed, it will start leaking rather quickly.

2. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Review

Just like the name suggests, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is quite a small unit that measures 8 x 8 x12.1 inches and weighs only 19.4 pounds. This unit is ideal for a small kitchen with a limited space under the cabinet.

The SoundSeal and MultiGrind technology are some of the features that make this model one of the best garbage disposal units for various types of wastes that pose a health threat in the Kitchen.

The SoundSeal technology features the superior sound insulation and anti-vibration components that ensure production of less noise, unlike other standard disposers. The low noise level makes it possible to hold a normal conversation in a room that has the garbage disposer.

The MultiGrind Technology quickly grinds tough food wastes that would not be put in a standard disposer. The technology makes it possible to grind any food waste, therefore, reducing chances of clogs and jams. The disposer employs a two-stage grind technology that includes a GrindShear Ring and Tri-Action Lug system. This technology almost liquefies food wastes to flow into the system safely.

Quick installation

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact is the easiest to install. Just like other InSinkErator garbage disposal models, this equipment comes with a quick lock sink mount. All that is required is twisting off the old garbage disposal and replacing it with this new disposer. With the quick lock sink mount, you can replace any Badger garbage disposal unit.

Do’s and Don’ts

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact includes the Multi-grind technology that allows you to grind any food waste including celery, apple cores, potato peels, fruit pits and small bones. However, when grinding tough food wasters, avoid grinding them in large amounts at once.

Always use cold water while operating your garbage disposal unit.

What is in the box?

  • Quick lock sink mount.
  • Sink Baffle.
  • Jam-Buster Wrench.
  • Anti-vibration tailpipe mount.
  • Clamp & stopper.
  • Installation instructions.

Durability of the InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP Garbage Disposer

This equipment has a stainless steel grind components that ensure that the equipment lasts for many years. In addition, an exclusive 4-year in-home limited warranty backs the disposer. The warranty includes free house calls for the entire warranty period.

What’s more?

The InSinkErator is proudly made in the United States, a product from the best-selling garbage disposer brand in the world, InSinkErator.


  • Compact- takes up a small space.
  • MultiGrind technology.
  • Low noise levels.


  • InSinkErator lacks a plug end. Instead, you have to use a hard wire system.

3. Waste King 2600 Review

The Waste King 2600 is an efficient garbage disposer designed with silver steel for longevity. With a ½ HP horsepower, you will enjoy the efficiency of the food waste grinding with little noise, every time you flip the switch. The 0.5 HP permanent magnet motor requires 115 volts, 60 Hertz, and 4.5 current-amps to operate.

The equipment measures 9 x 9 x 14.2 inches and weighs only 9.8 pounds. The space saving compact design makes it easy to install this disposer in a kitchen with limited space. The equipment comprises of all the necessary hardware for easy installation. Waste King 2600 is safe for properly sized septic tanks.

Why a Continuous Feed?

This feature qualifies Waste King 2600 to be one of the best garbage disposal unit due to the jam free feeds. A continuous feed means that you can add food wastes to the disposer while it is running. A stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming plus the removable splash guard keeps everything tidy.

The disposer has a front mounted reset button that allows for easy operation.

Durability of Waste King 2600

The use of glass-filled nylon in the manufacture of waste grinding chamber ensures there is no corrosion while the machine is grinding tough wastes. The stainless steel grinding compartments are insulated to enhance the quietest grinding possible.

The product comes with a 5-year in-home limited warranty, guaranteeing it`s quality. In case your disposer develops any mechanical defects within the warranty period, you will have it replaced in your home at no extra cost.

The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

What’s in the box?

  • Mounting hardware.
  • 36 inch Power Cord.
  • Splash guard.


  • Space saving compact design.
  • Favorable pricing.
  • Easy installation
  • The product comes with a power cord at no extra cost.


  • Some customers have reported leaks.

4. Waste King 9980 Review – Ideal choice under $200

If you are looking for a powerful yet compact disposer that is rated one of the best garbage disposals in the market, then consider this equipment. With a high-speed vortex powered 2800 R.P.M motor, the Waste King 9980 is one of the most efficient garbage disposers in the market.

The high speed grinding by the rust free grinding system takes food in its entirety down to size and out of the drainage system. The sturdy steel construction and sound insulation allow for a smooth operation with the flick of a switch and minimal noise. It offers its users an experience that they desire when getting rid of all kinds of food wastes.

If you are going green and appreciate Eco-friendly products, you will be amazed by the disposer once you purchase it. It grinds any kinds of food debris ranging from stubborn bones to thick stews that would ultimately jam the drainage system. The Legend Series 9980 1HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer handles the grinding with ease and confidence.

The Waste King 9980 is safe for properly sized septic tanks.

Size and Weight

The 9980 Legend Series disposer measures 9.8 x 9.8 x 17.5 inches only and weighs just 14.2 pounds.

Is L-9980 Energy Efficient?

The Waste King 9980 saves on energy and will cut on your electricity bill. It also grinds faster than other disposers and uses less water in the process.

Is a Power Cord Included in the Box?

Waste King 9980 comes with a 36-inch power cord.

Durability and Warranty

The Waste King 9980 legendary series has a silver finish and material for longevity. This product comes with a lifetime in-home warranty and a lifetime corrosion warranty, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality.


  • The equipment has longest warranty period that guarantees quality.
  • High-speed motor
  • Rust free grinding components


  • It big in size and not ideal if your kitchen space is limited.

5. InSinkErator Evolution Excel Review

For over 75 years, InSinkErator has built a name as the world’s best garbage disposal systems. The evolution series garbage disposals have become the most advanced food waste disposers due to their superior performance and combination of top-of-the-line technologies. As a result, InSinkErator has grown to be largest food waste disposer manufacturer. The company manufactures its products in the United States using the finest quality materials.

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel has become a household name due to its powerful induction motor, sound reducing and three grinding stages that make it one of the best garbage disposal units.

SoundSeal Technology

This technology delivers ultra-quiet grinding performance as compared to the standard garbage disposers. The low noise level makes it possible to hold normal conversations in the same room as the disposer, without getting pissed off by deafening grinding noises.

The sound reducing technology comprises a superior insulation around the motor, an anti-vibration sink mount and an anti-vibration tailpipe that prevents sound transmissions from vibrations. The sink baffle prevents sound from escaping through the throat of the disposer.

MultiGrind Technology

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel features a three-stage grind technology that comprises a GrindShear Ring, Tri-Action Lug system, and an Undercutter Disk. This technology makes it possible to easily grind tough foods and virtually liquefy the food waste to safely flow into the sewage system, thereby reducing chances of clogs and jams.

Also included in the InSinkErator Evolution Excel is a Jam-Sensor circuit that automatically increases torque to break through food waste jams.

Quick and Easy Installation

Just like other InSinkErator garbage disposals, the Evolution Excel is easy to install thanks to the stainless steel quick lock sink mount. All you need is to twist off the old garbage disposal to turn on this high-performance disposer.

What is in the box?

  • Quick lock sink mount.
  • Sink Baffle.
  • Jam-buster wrench.
  • Anti-vibration tailpipe mount.
  • Clamp.
  • Stainless steel stopper.
  • Installation instructions.

Size and Weight

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel measures 13 inches in length, 11 inches width and 12 inches height. The item weighs 19.8 pounds only. The item has a 40 oz. stainless steel grind chamber that offers ample space to grind all kinds of food debris, with just a little water to go along and rinse it.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoid grinding large amounts of tough foods at once.
  • Use cold water while grinding.


The InSinkErator Evolution Excel comes with an exclusive 7-year in-home limited warranty that includes free house calls for the entire warranty period.


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction makes it hard to tear up.
  • Jam-sensor makes food waste clogging virtually impossible.
  • 1-HP motor power is quite powerful for such a disposer.
  • Low noise levels.


  • Power cord purchased separately.
  • Expensive but worth the investment.

6. Waste King l-8000 Review

In homes with children, having the best garbage disposal is paramount, especially because children care less about what they throw down the disposer. The Waste King l-8000 1-HP continuous feed garbage disposal is a powerful disposer with a solid stainless steel construction designed with children in mind.

With a high-speed motor of 2800 rotations per minute, the garbage disposal can grind almost all foods put down the drain. The insulated stainless steel grinding components reduce the noise levels of this garbage disposer. Once you experience this powerful disposer, you will be amazed by its performance.

The 1.0 horsepower will grind just about anything, and it requires 11 volts, 60 Hertz, and 7.0 current-amps to operate.

Easy Installation

The Waste King l-8000 has a fast-and-easy quick mount system plus all the hardware necessary for a quick installation. Some customers compare the easy installation to a plug-and-play kind of installation.

This Waste King model is safe for properly sized septic tanks.

Continuous Feed Operation

The Waste King l-8000 design makes it possible to add food wastes while the machine is running, without worrying about jamming the system. The stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming while the removable splash guard makes it easy to clean.

Size and Weight

The L-8000 weighs 14.7 pounds and measures 9 x 9 x 16.2 inches. The equipment is small-sized and can fit in the space under the sink.

What is in the Box?

  • 36-inch power cord.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Removable splash guard.

Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer of the best garbage disposal units provides a long warranty that demonstrates the quality of a product. Waste King l-8000 comes with a lifetime in-home service warranty. It implies that the manufacturer replaces your disposer without any charge at your home, in case the disposer develops any material or mechanical defect during the lifetime of the original purchaser. The Waste King  L-8000  also comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.


  • L-8000 is amazingly quiet.
  • Quick installation
  • L-8000 has a very powerful motor that grinds all kinds of food waste.


  • Leaks if not properly installed

7. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist ¾ HP Garbage Disposer- Best Choice for Homes with Septic Systems

The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist is more than just a garbage disposal that has devised a new way to help control the size of which garbage put into the disposers comes out. The designers of the Septic Assist Disposer have changed how quickly trash is broken down, and the level of noise produced. These are common customer complaints about garbage disposals.

The quieter action of the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist has many happy and satisfied customers who no longer have to contend with the loud grinding noises. The equipment chops hard to grind foods into the smallest possible amounts. Consequently, by the time of the release of bio-charge treatment into the system, the disposer can break them down quickly and thoroughly.

Bio-Charge Technology

The InSinkErator Septic Assist ¾ HP garbage disposal is designed mainly for homes with septic systems. The disposer exclusively features the Bio-Charge, an enzyme treatment that keeps the septic tank running smoothly.

The Bio-Charge technology automatically releases over 300 million enzyme-producing microorganisms into the Septic Assist every time the user operates the equipment. This feature qualified this equipment to be the best garbage disposal for homes with septic tanks. You will love this feature once you install it at home!

Quiet Operation

The InSinkErator features the SoundSeal technology that delivers more silent performance that other standard garbage disposal systems. The technology includes a superior insulation around the motor, an anti-vibration sink-mount and the anti-vibration tailpipe that prevent sound transmissions from vibrations.

MultiGrind Technology

The Evolution Septic Assist garbage disposer features a two-stage grind technology that includes a GrindShear Ring and Tri-Action Lug system that eases the process of grinding tough foods. Food waste is almost liquefied for smooth flow into the sewage system.

Quick Installation

Just like other InSinkErator brands, Evolution Septic Assist Disposer comes with a stainless steel quick lock mount for easy installation. Just remove the old disposer by twisting it off and replace it with this high-performance garbage disposer.

Size and Weight

The equipment dimensions are 14 x 11 x 16 inches and weigh 22.4 pounds.


The Evolution Septic Assist has a 4-year in-home limited warranty that includes free house calls during the entire warranty period.

Included in the Box

  • Quick lock sink mount.
  • Sink Baffle.
  • Jam Buster Wrench.
  • Anti-vibration Tailpipe Mount.
  • Clamp.
  • Stainless steel stopper.
  • Bio-charge injection technology.
  • Installation instruction.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Super quiet.
  • Equipment saves on trash space.
  • It works well with septic tanks.


  • A few users feel that the price is high.
  • Power cord purchased separately.

8. InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposer

The InSinkErator Cover Control Plus is part of the Evolution series that are the world most advanced garbage disposers. The unit delivers exceptional food waste grinding performance while providing extra assurance of covered operation. The manufacture of this garbage disposal occurs in the United States.

The ¾ horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor is quite powerful to support the food waste grinding.

Cover Control Activation

One of the features that make the Evolution Cover Control Plus the best garbage disposal unit is the CoverStart Activation. The feature offers an extra margin of assurance by running only when the cover of the disposer is on and slipped in place.

Unlike other garbage disposals that use a wall switch, this unit is turned on using its cover. To activate this disposer, just put the food inside the Evolution Cover Control Plus, turn on cold water and place the cover into the sink opening.

MultiGrind Technology

The Evolution Cover Control Plus features MultiGrind Technology that allows the disposer to grind virtually any kinds of food waste, therefore reducing chances of clogging and jamming. The unit achieves this through a two-stage grind technology including GrindShear Ring and Tri-Action Rug system that liquefies food waste for safe flow into the sewage system.

Sound Reducing Technology

The SoundSeal technology ensures production of less noise. The technology incorporates superior insulation around the motor, an anti-vibration tailpipe as well as the anti-vibration sink mount.

Size and Weight

The unit weighs 5 pounds only, with a dimension of 10 x 10 x 16.2 inches.

Included in the Box

  • Quick lock sink mount.
  • Sink Baffle.
  • Jam-buster wrench.
  • Anti-vibration tailpipe mount.
  • Clamp.
  • CoverStart switch.
  • Installation instructions.


The Evolution Cover Control Plus has a 7- year in-home warranty that includes free house calls for labor and parts for the entire warranty period.


  • Super quiet.
  • Made in the US using quality materials.
  • CoverStart activation is a plus for this disposer.
  • Easy installation.


  • Power cord purchased separately.
  • Bigger than traditional switch-based disposals.

9.Moen GX50C ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal GX Series

The Moen GX50C is a dependable garbage disposal that excels in grinding food waste fast, thanks to the 2600 rotations per minute with the Vortex Permanent Magnet motor. What we liked most about this equipment is the compact and streamlined design that helps save a lot of space beneath your sink.

If you are worried about complex installation procedures, the Moen GX50C does the hard work for you. The Universal Xpress Mount System fits most three-bolt mounting assemblies with just a quick twist and lock installation.

What’s more: The unit comes with a pre-installed power cord that saves money and time. No need to purchase hardwire or a power cord separately.

Moen GX50C  is safe for properly sized septic tanks.

Quiet Grinding

The Moen GX50C features the SoundSHIELD that is designed to provide sound deadening insulation. Thus, reduces noise levels while the powerful motor is at work.

High-speed Vortex Motor

The powerful Vortex motor is the feature that makes Moen GX50c one of the best garbage disposal systems. Once you power the unit, the high-performance Vortex permanent motor runs at speeds of up to 2600 RPM that reduced the chances of the disposer getting clogged.

Continuous Feed Operation

The Moen GX50C is a continuous feed type of disposal that allows for continuous grinding to break down all kinds of food waste being added to the grinding chamber while the unit is running. Continuous feed operation reduces the time taken to grind huge amounts of food scraps.

Size and Weight

The unit weighs 13 pounds only, and the product dimensions are 7.5 x 7.5 x 16 inches making it quite compact to occupy just a small space under the sink.


The equipment is backed by a 4-year limited warranty, with in-home service guarantee when needed.

What is in the Box?

  • Pre-installed power cord.
  • Removable splash guard.
  • Drain elbow and mounting assembly.
  • Sink flange.
  • Polished stainless drain stopper.


  • Reasonably quiet.
  • Straightforward installation.
  • Compact and streamlined design.
  • Pre-installed power cable.
  • Quite affordable-under $200.


  • Improper installation will cause leakage

10. Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

The Waste King A1SPC disposer is a unique equipment from the Waste King Company, an industry leader in the manufacture of garbage disposals. The A1SPC model features an ultra-powerful motor, a quick installation procedure and the exclusive silencer technology that qualify this unit to be one of the best garbage disposal units in the market.

The unit also features the continuous feed waste disposer that makes it possible to add food waste continually, while the unit is running. The stainless steel swivel impellers prevent waste jamming. Once you install this unit in your kitchen, it will more than earn its place in the kitchen.

Easy Installation

The Waste King Knight comes with an easy to install Snap and Lock mounting system that makes it easy to replace old disposers. Also, the unit works efficiently with properly sized septic tanks.

2700 RPM Permanent Motor

The unit features a high performance 2700 RPM permanent magnet motor that is energy efficient. The motor supports Waste King’s one pass technology that allows it to grind food wastes with just one pulverizing pass. The 1.0 HP requires 115 volts, 60 Hertz, and 7.0 currents amps to operate.

Silencer Technology

Waste King A1SPC features the exclusive silencer technology that uses the same material as that used to sound-proof studios. The technology helps in reducing noise resulting from waste grinding.

Size and weight

The disposer unit weighs 18.4 pounds, and its dimensions are 8.8 x 8.8 x 15 inches.

Included in the box

  • Snap and lock mounting system.
  • Drain elbow.
  • 36-inch power inch.
  • Installation guide.


The Waste King A1SPC comes with a limited lifetime mechanical warranty. Thus, the manufacturer will replace the unit if the disposer develops material or mechanical defects.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • The inclusion of power cord in the shipping box.
  • A lifetime warranty is quite generous.


  • Quite big for a kitchen with limited space

Best Gargabe Disposal 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Types of Garbage Disposals

There are two types of garbage disposals depending on their mode of operation.

1. Batch Feed Model

The batch feed model requires you to add food waste to the disposer grinding chamber, and once it is full, you turn on the stopper to trigger the blades. The design of a batch feed model does not allow you to continue adding more food waste when running.

What we like about a Batch Feed Model

  • Batch feed model is an ideal option if you don’t have a lot of food waste to dispose, especially for a small family.
  • The Batch Feed models have a stopper or a cover that seals the opening to the grinding chamber. That way, foreign objects cannot fall inside. The cover will prevent children from dipping their hands inside.

What we don’t like

  • The batch feed model is not ideal if you need to dispose large amounts of wastes.
  • They are expensive.

2. Continuous Feed Model

The continuous feed model runs continually from the time you turn it on till you shut it. This model allows you continually add more waste to the unit while it is running, that translates to ultra-fast cleanup.

What we like about Continuous Feed Model

  • The model is a more popular choice for most households due to the convenience of adding more food waste while running.
  • It is quite easy to use – the model comes with powerful motors and several grinding stages to reduce chances of clogging.
  • Ideal for homes with huge amounts of food waste on a daily basis.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

What we don’t like

  • Filler necks remain open while the disposer is grinding waste. The feature poses a threat to kids if they stick their hands into the garbage disposal opening.
  • In most continuous models, the power cord is sold separately. You may incur an extra cost to hire a professional to hardwire the unit.

Why are Garbage Disposals Important?

Maybe you are still wondering if you still need to buy this. Is it even necessary? How will it help me? Well, I have a garbage disposal in my home, and it has given my family a long-term peace of mind, not forgetting the huge costs of waste that I would have incurred. Here are a few benefits that I had found from having the best garbage disposal at home:

Safety of your Septic Tank

A garbage disposal works by grinding tough food wastes including small bones, apple peels, and vegetable wastes into a virtually liquefied waste that will not clog your drainage system. Consequently, the safety of the septic tank is guaranteed since not all kinds of wastes are good for the septic tank.

Garbage Disposals are Eco-Friendly

Food wastes comprise a huge percentage of garbage that gets dumped every day at the local landfills. Garbage disposals play a huge role in reducing the amount of trash taken to the landfills because of its conversion to almost liquefied waste that is safe for the septic tank or municipal sewerage system. The trash can also be reused in the manufacture of fertilizers and also in producing renewable energy.

Adds convenience to your kitchen

If you are one of those who cook at home, you’ve probably had the idea of banning the whole cooking idea due to the mess left after preparing a meal, from leftovers, small bones, orange peels, etc. With a garbage disposal, the clean-up process is a lot easier because you just need to stuff all the food debris down the drain and turn on the switch. Sounds convenient?

Increases the Value of your home

While buying a new house, you are likely to be turned off by a cranky and smelly septic system caused by improper disposal of waste. The process of fixing the septic tank or even buying it is a lengthy and costly process that you would not want to go through. With the best garbage disposal installed at home, you will love how this new toy will grind the food debris with a buzzing sound.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

I hate seeing waste littered all over, so does my wife. The sight of improperly managed waste drives me crazy, that why a garbage disposal topped my priority list a decade ago. While buying a disposer, spend extra time checking garbage disposal reviews so that you get value for your money. The ideal disposer should be compact, not too loud, energy-efficient, sturdy, durable, efficient and safe to use with septic tanks.

Which Factors should you consider when buying a Garbage Disposal?

Choosing the best garbage disposal can be a daunting task especially due to the thousands of brands in the market. It can be tough to determine what models will work for you and what model will not. However, we have outlined several things that you need to consider when choosing the model that will fit in your kitchen infrastructure.

Type of Operation

Garbage disposals can either be batch feed or continuous feed; the latter is more popular and less costly. Batch feeds are ideal if you don’t have large amounts of waste while the continuous feed operation is ideal for households with huge volumes of waste on a daily basis.

Auto-reverse mode

Garbage disposal units that have an auto-reversal function can spin their blades in reserve thereby clearing food debris that may jam the system. Clogging and jamming are common problems among garbage disposals especially if you load large volumes of waste at once.

Electric power cord

Some garbage disposal models come with an electric power cord while others do not. If a power cord bought alongside the disposer, connect it to an electrical outlet to power the equipment. If it is not attached, then the connection must be hardwired.

Stainless steel chambers

Stainless steel chambers are more durable than other standard materials, and they increase the lifespan of the equipment. They are also easy to clean.

Quick mount neck

Most of the garbage disposals include a quick mount neck for fast and easy installation in the kitchen. If you are replacing an old garbage disposal, the feature makes it easy to do the replacement without modifications. However, some units with 1.0 HP and above are quite heavy, and you may need additional help to install.

Equipment Dimensions

Small-sized garbage disposal units are ideal if your kitchen is small or you have limited space under the sink. When making a purchase, check the product dimensions and weight as specified by the manufacturer.

Motor Horsepower

Garbage disposal units have varied horsepower ratings. Disposers with 0.5 horsepower are ideal if your food waste comprises soft foods. For tough food scraps with bones and fibers, go for models with ¾-1.0 HP since these are quite powerful and take less time to grind food. To prevent clogging the system, use cold water to soften the wastes.

Noise Levels

Most manufacturers of garbage disposals have taken this into consideration in the development process due to previous customer complaints. Nobody wants a disposer that will make their kitchen a mini-factory due to high noise levels while the blades are grinding waste. Check if the manufacturer has included sound-minimizing technologies while making a buying decision.

Garbage Disposer Warranty

Most garbage disposers come with a guarantee of 1 year, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 10 years and even a lifetime warranty on selected models. Some manufacturers include a corrosion warranty to demonstrate the quality of their materials. Always check the product warranty of the disposer while buying in case your equipment develops material or mechanical defects that need replacement.

Do’s and Don’ts of Garbage Disposals

Avoid grinding large amounts of waste at once

Grinding large quantities of waste at once may lead to clogging and even damage if done frequently. For substantial amounts of waste, grind them in batches till they are depleted. Also, cut large pieces of waste into smaller pieces before adding them into the grinding chamber.

Use the equipment regularly

Keeping the disposer idle for long periods will cause the machine parts to rust, and this will reduce the lifespan of your equipment. Keep the disposer active by running it regularly.

Use cold water

Adding cold water to the grinding chamber helps in softening the food wastes that is virtually liquefied after grinding. The soft ground waste can safely flow through the drainage system into the septic tank without causing a blockage.

Do not throw fats or oil into the disposer

Fats or oil may cause clogging to the garbage disposal system as well as to the drainage system. Once oil or fats mix with water, they may cause detrimental effects to the environment.

Do not throw plastics, metal, glass and hard food waste

Plastics, metal, wood, glass and other hard waste may cause not only blockage of the disposal system but also cause unrepairable damage to the equipment. Tough food wastes such as beef bones and tough fibers should not be added to the grind chamber since they can damage the blades.

Clean the Garbage Disposer after Use

When grinding food wastes, there are food scraps that get stuck inside the grinding compartment. After several grinding processes without cleaning, the food scraps may start smelling. To avoid this, clean the equipment by adding some liquid dish wash and cold water to clean and remove stuck food scraps. You may also add citric acid to eliminate the foul smell.

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