Fagor Duo 8 Pressure CookerFagor Duo 8 Pressure cooker comes with some key features regarding safety, fast cooking times and even heat distribution. The cooking time is reduced by more than 70% when compared to other cooking methods, allowing you to cook meals faster and easier.

The 10-inch diameter pressure cooker also features an aluminum sandwich base that allows for a fair heat distribution, and the possibility of a dangerous pressure build-up is significantly reduced with the help of two over-pressured release valves. Also, it has a safety lock on the handle, to prevent opening before all the pressure (low – 8 PSI to high – 15 PSI) is released.

It is not easy to find a product that can compare the quality of the Fagor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker. This fast and easy to use pressure cooker has been in the spotlight for quite a long time now. It is one of the best stove top pressure cookers available on the market today.

Energy efficiency, speed, quality, reliability and ease of use are only a few of the advantages you can have with this product, and best of all, it is also available at a generally affordable price.

Moreover, when it comes to providing a positive performance that is in line with (and even exceeds) the expectations you would have when you see the price, the Fagor Duo pressure cooker is certainly up to the challenge.

Sheer Quality

As many would consider, the quality of a pressure cooker is usually mirrored by the taste of the meals that was cooked in it. The Fagor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker is actually one of the pressure cookers that got its positive rating largely because of the quality that has been attributed to it based on long-term use.

Of course, making the tastiest dishes, no doubt depends on a wide variety of different factors such as the type of stove you are using, the freshness of the ingredients, and so on. With the Fagor Duo pressure cooker, however, the steady pressure control, combined with the quality of the materials involved, actually produces some remarkable results regarding taste and the preservation of nutritive properties.

Speedy Cooking

We live in the age of speed, so it is natural that every manufacturer tries to provide not only quality products but also with the fastest ones. The Fagor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker offers the fastest times in a less usual way, considerably speeding the cooking time without reducing the level of quality.

Unlike many of the cookers that are marketed incredibly fast but fail to pass the practical test, the Fagor pressure cooker takes a short amount of time to reach pressurization, completing even the most complex dishes in a reasonable amount of time.

Easy Pressure Release

Another advantage of the Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker is its ability to reach rapid depressurization. With some similar appliances, the high pressure built up inside can take quite some time to release, and you will likely have to reduce some of the steam with the help of cold water.

The Fagor Duo, however, just requires the turn of a small knob to release all the pressure in one swift move. This steam-release feature has delighted many satisfied customers who consider it extremely handy, especially when they are in a hurry.

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker Features and Specifications

The technical data of the Fagor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker is quite clarifying, reflecting the device’s overall quality and functional capabilities:

  • The 18/10 stainless steel used to manufacture the appliance is quite sturdy and durable, so you needn’t worry about the cooker becoming difficult to work with after long-term usage.
  • The device uses a spring-type mechanism to work with pressure adjustments, providing a low, 8 PSI setting and a high, 15 PSI one.
  • An automatic pressure release feature, along with a visual pressure indicator and a handy safety lock handle, ensures that the Fagor Duo pressure cooker is extremely safe and easy to use.

Fagor Duo 8 Pressure Cooker Customer Reviews and Ratings

Most reviews present the Fagor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker as an extremely positive choice when it comes to selecting an appliance that actually delivers as promised. Most customers have given it five-star ratings and consider that it behaves quite well with most dishes, finishing them surprisingly fast while maintaining the quality of taste and nutrition. You can read more reviews here: Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker


  • The pressure control options are extremely straightforward.
  • Sturdily constructed from quality stainless steel, the Fagor will certainly serve you faithfully for years to come.
  • Use it on any heat source, and its parts are dishwasher-safe.
  • The rubber seal and the locking system are both extremely safe and efficient.

The only disadvantage of the Fagor Pressure Cooker is:

  • The ten-year warranty only covers the metal parts of the pressure cooker.


There are a lot of things that can be said about the Fagor Duo. It is one of those products that don’t seem to promise much at the beginning, but eventually, you will find that they exceed your expectations by far. You are unlikely to regret buying the Fagor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker, as its many exceptional features are sure to be quite enjoyable.